An End to Odysseys

For many of us, having our genomes in hand today isn’t likely to make any profound difference in our lives, at least not when it comes to our health. But for children and their families affected by rare and mysterious genetic diseases, early indications are that it’s a completely different story, thanks to the efforts of two teams of geneticists at Duke Medicine.

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Media Spotlight: Duke Wins Grants to Support Research in Kidney, Urologic Health

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have received two competitive grants from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health. Nicholas Katsanis, PhD, the Jean and George W. Brumley professor of cell biology and pediatrics, has also been awarded funding through the NIDDK’s O’Brien Center program.

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Media Spotlight: Duke University Hospital on the Cutting Edge of Genetic Medicine

The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel published an article this week discussing how Duke researchers are analyzing genetic blueprints of unborn and newborn babies to investigate rare conditions.

Nicholas Katsanis, PhD, a professor of cell biology and pediatrics who leads a task force on neonatal genomics at Duke University Hospital, provided commentary on Duke’s innovative research.

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